Academics' familiarity with the written word has tended to lead them to subordinate the many ways that humans (re)present, demonstrate and engage with the world in terms of textuality. As a result the importance of spectacle and performance has been sidelined. This point was famously made by Artaud in his criticism of Western theatre compared with Balinese. The works below start to rethink how social life may often usefully be considered as performance.


Faculti Interview: live or dead? (2013)

Rich kids can’t cry (2010)

The Prince of Nusa’s vow (2009 unpub.)

Rethinking Balinese dance 2007

Lances greased with pork fat (2002)

Live or dead? (2000)

The windmills of criticism (1991 unpub.)

Criticizing genres (1991)

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