Media, Film & Popular Culture

The works below address issues of popular culture in media and film as approached through a variety of disciplines, most notably Anthropology, Cultural, Media and Film Studies, and History.


Media as practice: the Couldry-Hobart exchange (2010)

What do we mean by ‘media practices’? (2010)

The profanity of the media (2005)

Here's looking at you, kid (2007; unpub.)

Cultural studies will be the death of anthropology (1997)

Consuming passions? (1995; unpub)

Changing audiences (1994; unpub.)


Rich kids can't cry (2010)

Round up the usual suspects (2007)

Entertaining illusions (2006)

Why is entertainment television in Indonesia important? (2006)

Drunk on the screen (2001)

The end of the world news (2000). Version with Afterword on different accounts of articulation.

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