Debates and Discussion


By its nature scholarly language often disguises deep differences, which often emerge most clearly in moments of sharp disagreement. Below we include a select number of such arguments, because they highlight how much scholars differ in their understanding and use of theories and concepts that may appear similar.

Religion, media, and cultural studies

Richard Fox - Religion, media, and cultural studies.

Stewart M. Hoover - The inconvenient problem of the media 'object'.

Mark Hobart - Of crabs and clawback.


Media as practice

Nick Couldry and Mark Hobart - Media as practice: a brief debate  published in Theorising media and practice. 

The above was a drastically shortened version of the full exchange between Nick Couldry and Mark Hobart, which is available here.

Preamble to the full exchange

Nick Couldry - Media, practice and power: or, two dogmas of pragmatism.

Mark Hobart - If only practice were so easy: a response to Nick Couldry.



We hope that some of the work on Criticalia may generate serious discussion, which will be posted here.

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