Welcome to the academic forum of Mark Hobart. Originally I was trained as a social anthropologist and specialized in South East Asia with an interest in theoretical and philosophical issues in the human sciences. Subsequently I moved into Media and Cultural Studies and founded the Centre for Media and Film Studies, SOAS, where I was Professor of Critical Media & Cultural Studies, SOAS. Currently I am Visiting Fellow at The Australian National University College of Asia and the Pacific and Honorary Research Fellow at the Centre for International Theatre and Performance Research, Royal Holloway, University of London. 

Scholarly work relies more than is usually admitted upon a critical dialogue between colleagues, each of whom elaborates on these discussions in different ways depending upon their personal and disciplinary interests. So this website also includes work by senior and younger friends and colleagues, who share an interest in critical approaches to the human sciences. 

Criticalia is concerned with critical approaches to the non-Western world in the human sciences, especially in Anthropology, Cultural,  Media and Performance Studies broadly understood. The aim is to question and to find alternatives to the Eurocentrism, which still prevails in most accounts of other peoples, and is also implicit in much supposedly neutral theorizing. Critical approaches recognize that the interests of the subjects involved affect how they represent the world. However this critique rarely extends to the experts themselves, who are mysteriously exempt. Criticalia sets out to question this subtle hegemony.

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